Amber Eastwood

Amber Eastwood


Thomas Cook

Broughton Park

Why I want to be a 2019 Travel Weekly Cover Star

I’d love to represent Thomas Cook as a Cover Star. I’ve worked for Thomas Cook for over 5 years and I’m really passionate about my job. I’ve never experienced anything Disney, so it is a product I struggle to sell confidently. To be able to visit Walt Disney World would be an incredible opportunity for me personally, but also professionally. I would be able to take back all of my excitement and knowledge to the region that I work in and share it. Leading on from that, the genuine happiness of being at Walt Disney World would shine through and be seen for the photo shoot, what’s better than a real smile? This is a bucket list destination for me. I would love to be a Cover Star and be able to tick another proud moment box whilst working for Thomas Cook.

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