Charlotte Bray

Charlotte Bray


Hays Travel


Why I want to be a 2019 Travel Weekly Cover Star

Being a cover star would be a fantastic opportunity as a level 2 apprentice, a chance to gain crucial knowledge of Orlando, Disney and the attractions within this destination. Orlando is a very popular holiday destination and having done several bookings in store to Walt Disney World Resort, this would increase my product knowledge and give me the appropriate information to pass on to my team and future customers. As this is partnered with Gold Medal, a large percentage of our business is from Gold Medal, travelling with them would help me to capture the experience they give to customers. This would also help with any questions we may have in store and in the region. As a Disney fan, and having only travelled to Disneyland Paris, the chance to experience not just Disney World Orlando, but the Cruise Line as well, would boost my confidence and my selling capabilities of the destination with the belief my customers will have a magical time!

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