Clair Selley

Clair Selley


East Of England Coop Travel


Why I want to be a 2019 Travel Weekly Cover Star

Ever since I can remember travel has been a huge part of my life. Even at an early age I was fascinated by world history and it was my favourite subject in school. When I was about 11/12 I remember being in school one day and my teacher said to me at the end of class “have a good trip”. I thought this was very strange and had no idea what she was talking about. I went home and told my mum and she shrugged it off and then I just forgot about it as Sabrina was on the TV. The next morning I got up and started getting ready for school and my mum came into my room and said “what are you doing?” I looked at her strangely and said “I am going to school” She said “oh don’t worry about school today we are going on a day out” I was immediately excited and thought we were going to a theme park. (No idea why) After what felt like hours of driving we turned up at an airport and my eyes opened wide and mouth dropped as I looked up to a passing plane overhead. My mum said “we are going on a very big ride today, we are going on a plane!” I couldn’t believe it! I was dancing around the car park and running into the terminal with my luggage being dragged behind me. We landed into Tenerife for our first ever family holiday abroad. The memories that were made from that trip are still spoken about today whenever we get together. The holidays that came after that also hold precious family memories that will never be forgotten. Anyway the reason for the story is because this is where my love for travel comes from. All of them experiences, memories, laughs and quality family time are so important to every individual person out there. As I got older I knew my love for travel is where I belong, making other people’s dreams, hopes and wishes come true. There is not one place in the world where I do not feel like I am home. The world is my home. I am so very passionate about travel and what it means to so many people. When I got my role as Travel Consultant 10+ years ago it was like winning the lottery, I love my job and love my customers even more. I worked hard and knew that my dedication to the role was not work, it was passion. When I took the job role of Branch Manager for East Of England Coop Travel, I felt a sense of pride, not for me but now for everyone that works with me and helping to deliver their dreams and aspirations of working in our amazing industry just like my predecessors done for me. I would love to be a Travel Weeklies Cover Star because this is what I have always wanted in life. The recognition for my dedication, hard work and love for the Travel Industry. The reason why I love my job/hobby is because I love to inspire my colleagues to follow their dreams and deliver unforgettable experiences to as many of our customers as possible. No doubt there are so many amazing agents that feel exactly the same as me and would love the same opportunity, so if I was chosen I would feel so indescribably overwhelmed and appreciative. Thank you for listening to my story and good luck to all of them amazing Travel Stars our there. Clair x

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