Emily Adams

Emily Adams


Hays Travel


Why I want to be a 2019 Travel Weekly Cover Star

Hi everyone. My name is Emily and I have just finished my apprenticeship with Hays Travel. I love my job and I was lucky enough to win apprentice of the year in my first year with Hays! My friends, colleagues and customers will all tell you how crazy I am with anything Disney! I have not yet been lucky enough to experience my dream and to experience it as a cover star would be out of this world. One of the main reasons I love Disney so much is because of my beautiful little sister, she has a hidden disability and nothing comforts her more than sitting down with me with a good Disney book or film. I have always wanted to take her to Disney world but I am nervous as I don’t know what to expect or how she will react. However if I win this experience then I will be able to come back and tell her all about it and will make myself and her confident, so that we can take her in the future making both our dreams come true.

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