Emily Higgs

Emily Higgs


Virgin Holidays

white Rose, Leeds, West Yorkshire

Why I want to be a 2019 Travel Weekly Cover Star

As I have worked as a travel agent for the past 4 years. I find it so easy to sell the dream of going to Orlando Florida to go to the once in a life time Disney Dream vacation. My partner is one of the biggest Star Wars fans and if I could make sure he gets one of the most amazing experiences in Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge that would be untrue. We got engaged a couple months ago & although I doubt we could afford an amazing wedding in Disney - we could use the vip Disney & photoshoot to stage some Disney engagement pics! We’re big nerds who love everything Disney & are too excited to enjoy the world & senses of battu & try the blue / green milk. It would literally make our lives to win this trip & I am constantly following travel weekly competitions and when the post gets delivered I’m the first to pop the brochures open & have a peak... I’ve not won a competition yet however I feel like this could be my time & I could experience the best of the best available, plus having my face on the covers stars 2020 would be un-real.

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