Emma Barsdell

Emma Barsdell


Hays Travel PTC

Isle of Wight

Why I want to be a 2019 Travel Weekly Cover Star

2019/2020 is my year..... Why you may ask?!? Because its the year life begins as I officially turn 40 and the year I celebrate 20 years working in travel for the same company. The same company, yes! You heard right! I have had the pleasure of starting as a little trainee at the little age of 20, working my way up to Management, then reducing to part time when my own two little Disney Princesses entered the world, changing everything. So I find myself here, working now from home (still for the same company) having the total flexibility of home and work life. So this brings me on to my next plea on why I should be the 2020 Travel Weekly cover star. After this journey, this loyalty, the crazy Disney sales I do, I STILL have never been!! Yes you heard right! Surely this needs rectifying! I have the experience in selling, yes, but doI have the knowledge, the first hand experience, no. I mean if it was purely on knowledge of Disney films, well then I'm an expert! I mean.... how beneficial are the words 'Hakuna Matata' as a travel agent! I've my own two real life Disney Princesses but feel that the real magic needs to be experienced as as they say.... life begins at 40 so help make those dreams come true!!! Being a working Mum, running my own business is hard work, all Mums out there can appreciate that, the moments we face-like your little ones fall off their scooter when you're just confirming a £10,000 holiday, the random world war 3 breaks ups in the middle of getting a quote. We have all been there! So please, help me escape this multitasking life for this amazing experience! I've more than Disney ears.... I've a Disney heart. A big fat red and white spotty Disney heart!

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