Georgia Marsh

Georgia Marsh


Thomas Cook


Why I want to be a 2019 Travel Weekly Cover Star

I think I would make a good winner for this competition firstly because I live and breathe Disney! Ever since I have been really little I've always gone to a whole new world (pun intended) to all of the disney films as it was something me and my family always watched together. Whether it was getting involved in Disney trivia or listening to the albums on repeat, it was always something that made me so very happy no matter what my mood was and that's something I've never grown out of. As a second job I have, I actually work for a children's entertainment company as a Disney princess called Magical Momnets in Ashton under lyne. This job is amazing as I get to be passionate about what I do as well as living the dream of being a Disney princess of course, but mostly about seeing how happy the children and parents are at what we do, reminding me of how happy Disney makes so many people. I have attached below my photos from the winter ball we did at Christmas time where we helped someone propise to their partner (I am the Cinderella of the ball). When I started at Thomas Cook as a modern apprentice (my current title) then I had a real passion to travel to places I had never been and see sights I'd always wanted to see, Disney being one of them. My parents always made us a promise that they would take us to Disney...the day they won the lottery and we are all still so very hopeful! This trip would be life changing for me as it's something I had always set myself to do. I've personally never done a photoshoot although I have been the photographer to my older sisters Instagram photos and I never really had the confidence to take part in one out of always comparing myself to others, I think this would be a very positive experience to show myself that I don't need to compare and can be happy with myself. Finally, I am an excellent candidate for this trip as I love the rush of rollercoaster, action packed days and just having a good time, I would be genuinely so happy and grateful to be there and I would just be super excited. I love everything travel related explaining why I love my job so much and this would be the best experience, hopefully one I manage to be a part of.

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