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georgina smith


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Swadlincote Derbyshire uk

Why I want to be a 2019 Travel Weekly Cover Star

I would absolutely love to be a cover star because Disney is my life. I know you may think this is crazy but from when they children get up, they have to move their hundreds of Disney toys to get out their beds. I have to throw our Disney duvet off to get out of mine too :) We have lists posted up on our walls of what we are going to do on our next trip. Every mealtime consists of Disney chat, whether visiting or watching a movie. It really doesn't matter. From Disney themed rooms In our house (and I mean everywhere) to Disney themed Birthday Cakes For me, My husband and 3 children, I'm sure my friend and Family think I'm crazy but lets be honest, when it comes to Disney, I'm like peter Pan....Ill never grow up. I then became an agent almost a year ago. Within just 2 months, Id been named the Disney queen. No-one refers to me by my name anymore. The wider team come to me if they need a Disney question answering so they can make that all important Disney quote/booking. To win this would really put a mark on my business. It would tell people what I'm really about and show them that I'm a real expert in the field. Winning a VIP trip would mean the world. I got tears in my eyes just becoming a travel agent because I knew what this would mean to me and my family and our hundreds of visits. I get teary just talking about Disney and I cant explain this to people how excited I get. It would be the best thing for me to win. I'm never so lucky but Thankyou so much for listening to my story. Here is a picture of me

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