Hannah Michelle Lfakir

Hannah Michelle Lfakir


Thomas Cook


Why I want to be a 2019 Travel Weekly Cover Star

Working in the Travel industry it’s all bringing that holiday to life and knowing exactly what you are talking about. The last time I was lucky enough to visit the amazing Disney World Florida was back in 2008 and we said we would be be back in 2010 when the new Harry Potter Studios opened. Unfortunately we did not get the chance to return and have been desperate too since. It would be the most amazing experience to be able to get the chance to return and see how much it has changed within the 11 years. This will also allow me to continue selling the holidays to all my customers confidently knowing all the new features / rides and being able to share all my memories from then till now. From a little girl I have always loved Disney and have always wanted to be a travel agent, so why not experience both things I love, together. (I would love the opportunity to re-live my attached photo) Thank you so much for your time. Hannah

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