Holly Wood

Holly Wood




Why I want to be a 2019 Travel Weekly Cover Star

I started in the Travel industry aged just 15 as a fresh faced Apprentice for Lunn Poly with a natural love of travel and zest for sales! That said being a teenager with a rhyming name (Holly at Lunn Poly) was a steep learning curve of being able to laugh at myself and humour the public. I left school with minimal GCSE's and an Apprenticeship wasn't something to shout about like it is today but i knew it was absolutely the right job for me. Fast forward almost 20 years and I am now an award winning Retail Manager, Recruitment and People Expert and a mum to 3 children! My passion for Travel has not ever changed and I now enjoy talent spotting our future people, personally develop my colleagues to be the best they can be and to encourage them to aim high with the right support. The reason I want to be a cover star is to meet like minded other travel professionals and experience a once in a lifetime trip! I want to inspire the next generation of travel experts and colleagues to never feel like you are not good enough and it you want something bad enough you can absolutely go out and get it!

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