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Why I want to be a 2019 Travel Weekly Cover Star

I would be a good disney cover star as I am obsessed with Disney and I am like Ariel flipping my fins everytime I sell a disney branded holiday even if it is disneyland paris! I am passionate about disney proucts and can upsell them! I have sold a big florida booking getting the tickets included! I put my customers needs first and always make sure that they go away with all tickets included! I am like cinderella too with my four children and husband I am always cleaning! Unfortunaly I do not have my glass slippers but I am hoping if i become a cover star i can finally get a fairy god mother to help me with my disney bookings as the experience would be amazing! I can promise you now you would see such a change in disney booking if i became a disney star as I feel that this is a big market to sell and I would benifit from the knowlege

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