Kerry Cansdale

Kerry Cansdale


Travel Counsellors


Why I want to be a 2019 Travel Weekly Cover Star

I really love working in Travel and being a Travel Counsellor I love the very personal relationships I have with .. well I don’t really call them clients .. they start off as clients but they become friends and it humbles me every day that they trust me with their dreams and allow me to help make them a reality. As well as making personal recommendations to them I’m very passionate about helping my fellow colleagues, whether that be passing on my knowledge, lending a friendly ear or generally just trying to help them be the very best they can be. It’s an amazing feeling to find out you have made a difference to someone, be it the service I have provided to my “Clients” or helping a colleague when they are stuck. To experience Disney and be able to share those experiences with my clients and colleagues would be just out of this world, I'm well known for my random face time live broadcasts but to stand in front of the Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse statue and do a facetime live from there would be my very own dream come true!! I have worked my whole career within this fabulous industry, I remember being told right at the start that its never about the money... its about the passion, the love, the experiences and the lifelong friends you will make, all of which I am lucky to have. Having a photo shoot in Disney is a once in a lifetime experience and something I would truly love to do.

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