Mair Jones

Mair Jones


Bordessa Holidays

Carmarthen South Wales

Why I want to be a 2019 Travel Weekly Cover Star

I'v Been in the Travel industry for 5 years now Co owner of Bordessa Holidays and my Passion for travel is still going strong. I do Coach Trips to Disneyland Paris every New Years and a Huge Disney fan not only Disney but the story of Walt Disney is truly magical how he never gave up when he was told he wasn't good enough and it started with a mouse. However i have never had the privilege to go the Disney world Florida and see the stunning Disney Kingdom Castle would be an amazing experience ... For when you wish upon a star your dreams can come true. 'All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them' is a quote from Walt Disney I truly believe in. We keep pushing our company and thrive on excellent customer services and the amazing relationship with my suppliers we wouldn't be where we are today without them. We started in a office in our house and 'in every job is a element of fun' seeing our customers reviews brings us so much joy as we are making dreams become a reality. I would love to be a Travel Weekly Cover Star to give all the amazing homeworkers hope that we really can make a difference and have an amazing time in this fabulous industry we all love. Hakuna Matata All it takes is Faith & Trust and a little bit of Pixie dust.. Please Vote for me and make my dreams come true, Thanks :)

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