Marie Rayner

Marie Rayner


Travel Counsellors

Addlestone Surrey

Why I want to be a 2019 Travel Weekly Cover Star

I was a previous winner in 2013 the experience was amazing but I felt that I wasn't the person I am today... I would love to be a Travel Weekly Cover Star again and to really shine again, the last few years have had it's ups and downs and it would be amazing to have something to look forward to that would help bring my sparkle back. I love being a Travel Counsellors (14 years) and I love my customers I treat them as friends as well as customers and they cannot believe that I look after them so well, I have even gone to the lengths of even travelling to the hotel days before they are due to arrive to make sure everything is what they were expecting and even putting a personal gift in their rooms from me as a surprise with a welcome note. I love making peoples dreams come true and really helping them to achieve it. With me my job it's personal.

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