Michael Harvey

Michael Harvey


Travel House


Why I want to be a 2019 Travel Weekly Cover Star

I have travelled to many places, but I have never visited the magical Walt Disney World in Florida. Having the chance to visit such a wonderful and timeless destination would be the opportunity of a lifetime. I think I would be a good winner as I have never been to Florida and I have always loved the Walt Disney Company, with Aladdin and Pirates of the Caribbean being two of my favourite films. I am also fascinated by the running and operations of the Disney Resorts which means I would have an appreciation for all of the staff and events which make this VIP trip possible. The VIP trip would also be the perfect time to further my knowledge about Disney and package holidays as a whole. It would be such a valuable experience for me and I would never forget being a Travel Weekly Cover Star. I also think I am a good winner because of my passion for writing and journalism. Alongside my role as an apprentice at the Travel House in Mumbles, I also write a monthly column for the Mumbles Times, a popular local magazine. In my column, I write about history, the community and of course - travel. Being a writer means I will be able to undertake any duties in Travel Weekly related to the competition such as writing a trip report about my time at Walt Disney World or talking about my role as apprentice at the Travel House. I consider myself to be a friendly and outgoing person and I would enjoy every moment of being a Travel Weekly Cover Star. I absolutely adore meeting new people and I would make full use of any meetings or events - forging alliances is key in the travel industry. On the VIP Trip, I would also try and build friendships with my fellow winners as well as all of the hosts I will meet at the park. Overall, winning a VIP trip and photoshoot to Walt Disney World would mean the world to me. I think I am the perfect winner as I have never been to Florida, I love Disney and I would be incredibly grateful and thankful for such an amazing opportunity. Additionally, I also feel my skills as a writer would be ideal for this kind of competition.

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