Nicole Lewis

Nicole Lewis


Travel Counsellors

Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire

Why I want to be a 2019 Travel Weekly Cover Star

I have been in the travel industry for ten years now and I have only managed to get to Disney World once when I first started! I am a HUGE Disney fan! I would love to be a cover star as my passion is travel, I live eat and breathe travel and absolutely drive my husband up the wall for it, so to be a cover star would just be a dream for me. I have two young children who have also caught my Disney and travel genes. Having my daughters at school also means I have a huge customer base of families who want to go Disney just from the school alone. I find myself doing Disney quotes all the time! So to win a VIP trip to Disney World would be great to get to go again and see how things have changed since I went ten years ago so I could really offer my clients a wealth of knowledge from personal experiences. I love my job, I do it because I love to send people on adventures and give them memories. To be able to share with them the exciting news that I could be a cover star would be amazing! To be a cover star would be a highlight of my career, I have recently joined travel counsellors and now my children are getting older and are in school I am really trying to make a name for myself within the Travel Industry and what a way to start! As a mum of two I'm forever taking photos of the kids, so it would be nice to have a professional photoshoot in my favourite place in the world. Travel is my third baby, I talk about travel all day every day and to be given the opportunity to share that with everyone on such a wide platform would just be amazing!

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