Rebecca North

Rebecca North




Why I want to be a 2019 Travel Weekly Cover Star

Out of all of the Travel magazines; Travel Weekly is my favourite. I attend many events with Travel Weekly throughout the year and I love every event. I have been lucky enough to be in Travel Weekly several times and I am so proud every time, so to be a cover star would be the ultimate dream. I love everything that the Travel industry has to offer and I am really passionate about my job and Travel in general. and I am currently a FUN Ambassador for Carnival Cruise Line and it has been an incredible experience so far. I would love to be a Cover Star to showcase my passion for travel and Travel Weekly. I have been to Florida a few times but I have only seen the Magic Kingdom and it was only for a day, so a VIP trip to Walt Disney Resort would be amazing. I am a big thrill seeker and I love theme park rides. I also love social media and posting videos and pictures, so I would love to share the experience with my colleagues and my customers. A photoshoot within Disney would be amazing, I love posing for pictures and I would love to get all dressed up. Overall, I would just be absolutely elated if I got picked as I think it's a fantastic opportunity and as it's the 10th and final year I just would be so excited to be part of Travel Weekly history. (The photo attached is from Next Generation CLIA Conference, and I am, of course, holding my favourite magazine)

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