Travel Counsellors

Lowestoft, Suffolk

Why I want to be a 2019 Travel Weekly Cover Star

I would be so proud to be a Cover Star. In the past, any promotion work I have done was always for the benefit of the companies I worked for like Virgin and Thomas Cook. I now have my own homeworking business with Travel Counsellors, which I love, and I feel that I'd be showcasing myself and my business and what I can offer. Florida and Walt Disney World are one of my favourite holiday destinations to sell to my customers and I do this with passion and could talk about it for hours with them. I visited quite a few times in a short space of time between 1994 and 2005 and I could talk about it like it was my second home. But the last time I was there in 2005 something happened, the goosebumps that I had previously experienced everytime I walked down Main Street in the Magic Kingdom and saw Cinderellas Castle and when I saw Mickey or one of the characters, or the fabulous fireworks had gone. The magic feeling had disappeared...... I vowed never to return until I knew that I would be able to re-capture that same passion and giddy excitement and pure Magic all over again. It needed to mean something to me and be for a special reason? Now could not be a better time! Last year I took the leap and started my own business with Travel Counsellors and have never looked back. Everything I now do is for my love and passion for travel. My clients use my services because they have chosen me specifically or have been referred to me by some other happy clients and they value my experience and me as a person. If I were to be a Cover Star I would embrace it with all my heart and it would show them that I have the dedication to invest in my business . My family of 1800 other worldwide Travel Counsellors would all be so proud too. I would love to be a Cover Star and experience the Disney magic again, so much has changed since my last visit, there is so much I need to catch up on. Life it good at the moment, please let me shout about it!

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