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Trudy Hanna


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Northern Ireland

Why I want to be a 2019 Travel Weekly Cover Star

I joined the travel industry two months ago after buying a Travel Franchise with Not Just Travel for my 40th birthday. I realised as I was turning 40 in March that I had the opportunity to transform my life and step into the unknown while hopefully creating a successful business based on fabulous service that would allow me to give my family more opportunities to see the world, so I dared to believe that I could do it and stepped out. It really has been an incredible journey so far! I would have been lost without the expertise of those who know the travel industry inside and out, and Travel Weekly has played a massive part in that for me as I sit down each week (and daily via social media) to catch up on everything that is happening in the world of travel, so can I just say 'thank you' for that! I AM ALSO A MASSIVE DISNEY FAN and have been my whole life! It's my aim to learn every little thing I can about Disney and do my best to be an expert at selling these dream holidays of a lifetime. All that being said, I would be so grateful for the chance to be a cover star and experience a little more of the 'Magic' as I keep going on my journey:). Thanks so much for taking the time to consider my entry! "First, THINK. Second, DREAM. Third, BELIEVE. And finally, DARE." - Walt Disney

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