Vicky Taylor

Vicky Taylor



Kent, England

Why I want to be a 2019 Travel Weekly Cover Star

Why i want to be a cover star? Because i feel it is now my time for my luck to change in life. The past several years have been an absolute roller coaster for me, being diagnosed with Meniere's Disease after 5 years of horrific symptoms now causing me to live every day in fear, losing my first home deposit to fraudsters... so much more but we all have problems right. I try and try and try so hard with changing my life, i am now an independent travel agent to change my life for the better (and to pay back the loan i had to get after the fraud) I want my business to boom and i am going to do this all by myself, but this trip would be amazing for my business, it would boost my business massively i would continue to work hard at what i need to do to make this work for me, but mostly for my mum who was a full time carer for my gorgeous little sister who has Cerebral Palsy and now lives in residential care...i want to do it for them...i want to be able to earn enough to take them to see the world whilst they both still can. Me being a cover star would be a massive stepping stone in making my dream come true. I will share Disney with the world and one day i want to take my mum and sister back. Thank you for reading, i am certain there are thousands/millions of people entering this and many will have great stories and reasons to be the cover star, i am just praying this time its me, this time i get that chance in life to change everything. Thank you Vicky

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